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Muncan Food Corp. was established in 1978 by brothers Tima and Jonel Muncan. The two brothers were educated in the art and science of smoking and creating meat products, popularly known as charcuterie. Charcuterie is the branch of the culinary arts devoted to prepared meat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, bolognas, and pates. In particular to the region that the Muncan family hails from, smoking and drying products is a time-honored tradition. Legend goes that their grandfather asked the brothers what they envisioned for their future, knowing that he did not wish for his grandchildren to work on the family farm for their entire lives. When the brothers could not think of a response, the grandfather advised them that although times may change and fads can fall out of favor people will need to eat forever.

With that advice the brothers, Tima the senior and Jonel the junior,went to trade school to learn this beautifully detailed culinary art and worked in one of the largest meat production sites in all of Europe. Through this process they learned the most basic of skills such as how to break down cuts of meat, to the most advanced set of skills reserved only for the “majstors” or masters of the craft: smoking and drying sausage, salami, and bacon.

Fast forward to today and Muncan Food Corp. has attained a reputation of uncompromised quality and delicious taste. With the entire family involved in the business, and Mike Stefanovic, Son-In-Law to Tima Muncan responsible for all production, quality has only risen since the first store opened in 1978. An interesting dichotomy permeates the stores that can be felt as soon as one walks in where the old world meets the new. The traditional products that are known to the old country for centuries can and always will be found here, but there exists a continuing desire to experiment and play with techniques that has led to an explosion of over 100 new homemade products since the inception of Muncan Food Corp.

We invite all of you to stop by either of our locations for a taste of something truly extraordinary that has been maintaining a sustained buzz in the New York area for over 30 years. The entire family welcomes you to Muncan Food Corp. where our products provide you with "A Taste of Home, No Matter Where You Are."

What People Are Saying

Muncan Food Corp.: Tradition, Family. and Smoked Meat
On an otherwise nondescript stretch of Broadway in Astoria, Muncan is a food haven, a veritable cornucopia of house-cured and smoked meats. Most famous for its intimidating selection of quality bacon, Muncan has become something of a Queens institution for Eastern European charcuterie."

Chris Crowley, Serious Eats: New York(

Daily News: Savoring Slavic Delights
"An anthropologist visiting Astoria might be forgiven for assuming the local Yugoslavians worship a strange god: Muncan. "Muncan is the greatest" swears Dorothy Valanella... The mysterious Muncan, Dorothy explained, is neither god nor man but something in between: The neighborhood butcher/pickler/smoked meat purveyor."

Lenore Skenazy, New York Daily News()

Notable Edibles: Muncan Food's Bacon Bonanza
"Muncan’s popular sausages are made in dozens of styles, each with its own spicing, texture and shape. The house secret-recipe “special salami” takes three months from start to finish. But Muncan’s most stellar offering is its bacon, made in over 15 varieties, almost all from pork belly... The irresistible garlic bacon is one of Muncan’s bestsellers."

Karen Tina Harrison, Edible Queens Magazine(

A Tour Of Muncan Food Corp's Charcuterie
"There's a lot of meat to be found at Muncan, the venerable Queens pork and charcuterie store. The air, perfumed with cured and smoked meat, promises luscious and explosive flavors."

Chris Crowley, Serious Eats: New York(